SimplyPEO Mobile

SimplyPEO mobile app for smartphones and tablets allows employees
to punch in and out, request time off, and check their company holidays
on the go. Because employees use their existing user accounts from the
online HR system, employers can control which of their employees are
allowed to use the mobile app’s functions.

Mobile Time Clock

SimplyPEO Mobile can turn your employee’s smartphones into time clocks, letting employees punch in and out while on the go. As they clock in and out, employees can select different job codes or levels punch by, as well as log notes for each punch. Punches are submitted instantly to the HR system’s online time sheet, allowing managers to view punches as they are made. The app helps provide businesses with a clear picture of where their mobile employees are when they punch using the device’s on-board GPS functions.

Time Off

SimplyPEO  mobile app allows employees to easily manage their time off requests directly from their phone or tablet. From the app, employees can submit new time off requests, view the status of their existing requests, and cancel requests, just as they can on the web. Once submitted, the online HR system is updated with the request, and when managers process the time off request, employees can instantly see the approval/denial status from the app.

Company Holidays

Employees can easily look up the company holiday schedule from the app, saving them from having to hunt down a company calendar or flip through their employee handbook.


Android 2.3 or later / iOS 8.0 or later.
Users must have an active SimplyPEO HR system account to use the app.

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