Applicant Tracking

Simply Applicant Tracking

Simply Applicant Tracking is a powerful applicant-tracking platform that lets you instantly post open positions, engage with potential all-stars, create talent pools, and track candidates yourself.

Its simple workflow allows you to create a robust job posting that can be shared on their favourite job boards while future employees have a simple way to apply for your coveted opening.

With the Simply ATS, the goal is to the cost of recruiting, increase the productivity of your internal recruiters and hiring managers while improving the quality of your hires and improving the candidate’s experience.

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We aim to cut our client’s time to fill positions by 50% with features like:

  • Applicant Source Reporting. Know where your job postings are getting the most bang for their buck.
  • Tailor the Applicant Process. You can alter the application workflow by position, location, or requirements.
  • Inspire Hiring Managers. Allow seamless communication about candidates between all privy parties: HR, hiring manager, and executives.
  • Seamless Onboarding Workflow. Schedule interviews, share resumes internally, send job offers, and hire & onboard to payroll and benefits in just a few clicks.
  • Resume Repository. Have the ability to store unlimited potential candidates and future hires in the SimplyTech ATS platform.
We aim to cut our client’s time
Applicant Tracking

Beyond the applications we also support our clients with Recruiting Consulting:

  • Create a recruitment strategy that supports the business strategy
  • Provide hiring managers with interview skills training
  • Assist with candidate flow from our Simply repository of resumes
  • Write clear and concise job descriptions
  • -Create a job posting strategy for optimal candidate pipeline
  • Provide performance evaluation metrics, technology, and training

Full Service Recruiting is available on a consultation basis.


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